Wednesday, June 15, 2016


So today is my mom's 50th Birthday! I took her to this amazing restaurant in down town Pittsburgh called Meat and Potatoes. We had the best time! The food was perfect, and the vino was amazing. My mom is my best friend and most amazing woman that I have ever met. She was so happy today and that is all I can ever ask for. Cheers to 50 and fabulous, and of course, the next 50!:) 
On the outfit front..... this outfit is one of my absolute favorite outfits. Black and white minimal pieces are so versatile and chic. Not only is it super chic and stylish, but it is so comfortable! Loose fitting pants and a tank top paired with a sexy bralette. So loving it! This is one of those outfits that would look amazing on any body type. 
Hope you enjoyed this look!


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